Monday, April 5, 2010

Parrot Tulips before coffee

It has been a busy spring and we were looking forward to having 2 cups of coffee and a low keyed Easter Sunday morning. Our parrot tulips thought otherwise, formed a union and decided to all open at the same time. Who can blame them, if we were as pretty as these guys we'd want everyone to see us too.

In "The Botany of Desire" Michael Pollan poses the question of who controls who. Do we control the plants or do they control us ? Needless to say, we spent Sunday morning pulling Tulips instead of drinking coffee.

With the early summer like temperatures Tulip season is rapidly coming to a close. We'll have have them for another week or so and we will have one last round for Mother's day.

Tulips require a great deal of our time and energy, but they are something special. We are already planning the varieties we'll have for next year!

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