Friday, March 12, 2010

Signs of Spring

Spring is close, here are 3 signs of spring at Wild Hare Farm.

Turdus migratorius (aka Robins)

These guys are great. We have several roaming gangs of 20-30 Robins around the farm. Each individual group of birds moves together doing that funky 5-6 bouncing hop, then stopping to look around and display their orange breast.

We have been harvesting radishes for several
weeks now and they are awesome. One of our favorite ways to eat them is on good french bread with butter and a sprinkle of salt.

From Jacques Pepin:
Cut a baguette into thin slices about 3/8 inch thick. Cover each slice lavishly with unsalted butter. Thinly slice several radishes horizontally (a vegetable peeler is good for this) and cover the butter with overlapping slices of radish. Sprinkle a little fleur de sel on top and enjoy with drinks.

Our first hakurei turnips of the year and they are beautiful. This variety is mild enough to be sliced
thin and used in a salad. They are also excellent roasted. The tops are delicious sauteed.

For roasting remove greens, slice or quarter, rub with olive oil, generous salt and pepper, place in a baking dish. Preheat oven to 400 deg and cook until tender and golden brown (about 30 mins).

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  1. WTF!!! Leah, you didn't tell me you were blogging!!! Love it love it love it. hope tulip madness is going alright over there. We lost probably 80-85% of our field tulips. they didn't even bother to send out roots. i watered half a bed with my tears. and whoa, went way overboard with flowers this spring. we've been needing four hours of sales for the past four weeks. anyway, would love to chat real time. hope you and mark are well!!!