Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Where's Tom Sawyer when you need him

Recently a proclamation was made at WHF, that the pretty flowers didn't look so pretty on the ugly market tables. It was a fair statement. Being dearth of Tom Sawyer's powers of persuasion meant a mini-project painting the market tables was in my immediate future. Our market tables are of the home made variety and serve double duty. They are handy for several things around the farm and as such catch a fair amount of abuse. An antique table from Smith and Hawken (while very cool) is not really required for the farmers market, but having your market hardware distract from your product is not smart for business either.

Painting our tables is really no big deal, other than there is nothing about painting I like. Some people state they don't mind painting, it is the prep or clean up they don't care for. Not me, I loathe it all. The only thing I can find redeeming about painting is I can usually have an adult beverage during the process.

The brush strokes I employee can be best described as: sling, glob, dribble, pool and puddle. And if I have to paint it, then you can have any color you want as long as it is white. The word "Trim" is not part of my vocabulary.

The final paint job doesn't look too bad all things considering and achieves the goal of not distracting from this bucket of ranunculus. Now I have somewhere to place my beverage. Wonder if I'll be required to use a coaster?

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