Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Carry All Project

One of the things I have wanted for sometime now is a Carry All. A Carry All is a metal frame, typically with wood decking that attaches to a tractor via a 3 point hitch. They are a really useful item for moving things around the farm. As the name implies, you can carry pretty much anything.

I shopped around and could find them new for about $125. I thought I could do better than that (plus I'm cheap). Being a pipe welder in a former life, I decided to make my own. I invested 50 bucks in some angle iron, $5 for a can of spray paint, roughly 3-4 dollars in welding rods, $5 in lift arm pins and a couple of dollars in electricity. Total cost, slightly over $65, plus the satisfaction of doing something yourself.

A Carry All is a simple project and doesn't require much in the way of special tools. I chopped the angle iron up using a Sawzall, used some C clamps and a square to make the frame.

Laying the frame out.

Corners Tack welded.

Attachment for Top link.

Welding it all together.

Upper frame welded.

Adding lower decking supports.

Here is the frame all welded and ready for paint.

Last I added some 2x12's left over from a previous project and 1x6's for the decking. The decking is attached via carriage bolts. I did not add the decking cost to the project total, as
decking would have been required with a Carry All purchase from a farm implement supplier.

Here is the Carry All with decking and ready for work.

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